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Issue 23 is now available! Our latest collection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry is sailing in on a fresh wind. Order a print or digital version below.




Heartfelt thanks to all of the writers who sent in their work. We are working through the submissions now. All responses should be complete by the end of November.

We plan to reopen in January.

Our critique and feedback services remain open and are available separately from submissions. You can find details in our guidelines.

To see what we accept, you can order an issue, purchase a subscription, check out samples of accepted work on the Excerpts page or listen to audio versions on Soundcloud.

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Our Values: Diversity

We believe diversity means a reflection of our society. We are committed to reading and publishing voices that represent the breadth of our culture.

Our Values: Community

Our family of contributors has made us what we are today. Every one of their successes is cause for celebration. Look for updated news of our contributors in our social feeds and in special features.

Our Values: Sustainability

We want writers to go on publishing. So we pay the writer and everyone involved in the production of our magazine. And to keep the overall body of work fresh, we’ll never solicit: 100% of our work is from the open queue. Finally, to keep writers moving forward, we provide feedback, if requested, in our prose departments.