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Emerging from the Slush: 10 Tips for Writers

March 14, 2017 • business of writing

By Robert Kerbeck When I proposed my panel for AWP 2017, Emerging from the Slush: How to Get Your Short Story Published, I didn’t think it would be accepted. I haven’t published a book. I don’t have an MFA, let alone an agent, though I have had a dozen or so stories published over the… Read More ›

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Things We Love About AWP

Tahoma Literary Review has wrapped up its third AWP. We thought it’d be apropos to share some of the things we love about EVERY ONE of these annual conferences. Meeting our writers: Every year, this gets better and better. Not only are we publishing more writers, we also get to see writers from our first… Read More ›

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Last Week to Submit for Issue 9

As 2016 comes to a close the TLR staff is looking back on a year of growth and accomplishment, thanks mostly to the creativity and generosity of our contributors and submitters. We’re also closing out the submission period for our ninth issue. It ends on December 31 at midnight, so this week is the last opportunity… Read More ›

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Watching a Movie Like a Writer

Story is born in that place where the subjective and objective realms touch. – Robert McKee in Story As much as I try to educate writers about writing through my writing, I have to acknowledge that we live in a visual world. I found this quite true not too long ago when I had to… Read More ›

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When to Turn Nonfiction into Fiction

There is a fine line between fiction and nonfiction. In fact, some of us, yours truly included, believe that all fiction is rooted in some nonfiction, whether that truth be a certain emotion that triggers a storyline, or real-life events that the writer wants to spin into a fictional work. It can be tempting to… Read More ›

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TLR Recommends: Fiction Book Reviews

Just a note before the book reviews to let you know that submissions for TLR issue 10 are now open. Send us your poetry, fiction, and nonfiction now through April 30 to be considered for our summer issue. Fiction and nonfiction also offer feedback options. Check out the submission guidelines page for more info. Wild… Read More ›

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Kill Your Darlings, Not Your Characters

Story themes seem to come in waves, like currents in time. Lately it’s been of the sort I callously call “After the Funeral,[1]” in which someone, usually a loved one, has just died and the people left behind get to remember and self-analyze. ATF has become ever more frequent in our submission queue, even more… Read More ›