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June 2018


Our Summer Issue (#12) is a few weeks away. We'll have a new collection of prose and poetry available mid-July

Meanwhile, you still can get the 21 original selections of fiction, nonfiction and poetry from Issue 11.  Select an image below to order Issue 11, a back issue, or a three-issue subscription.

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We are reading through July 31 for our Fall/Winter Issue.  

While we do charge for submissions, we will always honor your contribution to our literary project by paying for your work, and posting our transparency index. See that here. We also provide a download of our latest issue with each submission. 

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Our Values: Community

Our family of contributors has made us what we are today. Every one of their successes is cause for celebration. Look for updated news of our contributors on our blog, in our social feeds, and in special features.

Our Values: Diversity

We believe diversity means richness in culture. We are committed to publishing voices that represent the breadth of our society.

Our Values: Sustainability

We want writers to go on writing. So we pay the writer. And to keep the overall body of work fresh, we’ll never solicit: 100% of our work is from the open queue. Finally, to keep your work moving ahead, we provide feedback, if requested, in our prose departments.