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Now That AWP 2014 Is Over…

Those of you who attended may be experiencing conflicting emotions. You’re inspired by the great panel discussions and readings you attended, and the energy of the hundreds of exhibitors in the Bookfair. You’re a little giddy over the fact that there are so many other “real” writers out there, who have a passion for writing similar to yours. You’re excited at having met many of them, and being able to talk about craft and publishing. But you start to back to earth when you get the bill for shipping all the journals and swag you picked up back home And if you attended one of the offsite events, you may have a hangover too.

For a writer, though, there is rarely time to ease back into a comfortable routine. Most of us have spent several days away from our writing, and are eager to jump back into our WIP, be it novel, short story or poem.

Once you get back to wherever it is you write, though, it’s also time to review the notes you took during the panels and see which ones can really help your writing. And in the next week or so, pull out those business cards and send an email or tweet to the contacts you made, just to say hello and mention how great it was to meet. Who knows which new contact will turn out to boost your career?

For some, another post-AWP task is to decide which of the dozens of journals and presses you stopped and spoke with you should submit to.

In our case, we’ll be thanking many of the people who supported the opening of TLR by tweeting news and stopping by our meet and greet event on Friday. Kelly and I have been continually delighted by just how many people are helping spread the news about our journal.

And we’ll be reading, too. Submissions are already rolling in at a pretty good clip!


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