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TLR Progress Report: The First Two Weeks

Tahoma Literary Review has only been open for submissions for a couple of weeks, but we already find ourselves in full editorial mode. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Poems and stories are coming in at a pace far beyond what we anticipated, and the best news is that almost all of them are good. We’re trying to stay current, while marking those submissions we like for additional reads and consideration. We’ve accepted a small number of them for publication, and are holding our collective breath while we make decisions about many of the others, hoping they aren’t snapped up by other journals. As Kelly recently tweeted, based on the work we’ve received so far, that first issue should be delicious.

This is not to say, of course, that we have no room for additional submissions. In fact, our goal for the first issue of TLR is to produce a volume between 100 and 200 pages, so there is still ample opportunity.

We’re Looking for Recommendations for Fine Art, Too

We believe a journal of fine literature is best illustrated by fine art, and each issue of TLR will feature the work of an artist. Our first issue is set to display the imagery of Tacoma photographer Wesley B., but we’re already starting to consider other artists for issue number two. If you know an artist whose work you’d like to recommend for our cover and special section, please email us at publisher@tahomaliteraryreview.com with contact info. There are no stylistic restrictions, nor do we limit the medium, as long as it can be reproduced in print. We can’t wait to see what our supporters recommend.


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