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Tahoma Literary Review Now Accepting Flash Fiction Submissions

Call it an artistic decision. We love good flash. It can capture the lyricism of poetry and the impact of a sharply resolved short story. Its brevity can mystify the reader, and belie the effort it takes to make every word a perfect choice.

Call it a management decision. One of the promises Kelly and I made when we began planning TLR was to not take on more than we could handle. We’d already decided that the two of us would read and edit all submissions, but we didn’t know how many would come in once we opened the portal. Would we be able to give each piece the time and consideration it deserved? We’d start small, and limit ourselves to poetry and fiction. But now that we understand what to expect, we are ready—and excited—to take on more.

We’ve got this.

Since flash is something of a hybrid of poetry and fiction, we’ve decided the most efficient procedure is for both of us to read submissions, and to collaborate on which are selected for publishing.

We’ll open for flash on Saturday, April 5. We have every reason to believe that the quality of work we receive will match what’s come in for poetry and short fiction, so we can’t wait to see what you’ve got.


Details: Under 2,000 words. $4 to submit; $25 to $50 payment. As with poetry and fiction, all submission fees and other income are deposited into a pool used to compensate writers. The exact amount each writer is paid is determined by how much comes in and how many pieces are published. See our About page for a fuller explanation. Go to the Guidelines page for more of what we’re looking for, and how to Submit.

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