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TLR at the Halfway Point

April 15 marks the halfway point in TLR’s first submission period (giving us something to turn our attention from the fact that it’s also Tax Day). So where do we stand?

There’s a difficulty inherent in any new endeavor, that being no matter how much planning and research invested in the effort, you never really know how it will be received. Kelly and I spent months talking to writers to see if our journal’s model would be accepted. We produced spreadsheets to project income and contributor payouts based on submission figures. We set what we thought were modest goals for a first issue regarding submissions and revenue. We held our collective breath, because when we opened the submission portal on March 1 we understood all that work could have been deceiving. Our estimates could have been way off.

But thankfully, they weren’t.

Halfway into our first reading period we are just where we hoped we’d be. Submissions are running ahead of our estimates, and if the pace keeps up our published writers will be more than fairly compensated.

If you follow us on Twitter, you know we’ve accepted a handful of work so far. Already we can see that a diverse range of voices and perspectives will be represented in the first issue, which was another of our goals.

Rest assured there’s plenty of room left in volume one, number one of TLR. What we’ve accepted amounts to about a third of the planned publication. If you’ve already submitted to us, we are probably still considering your work. We’ll be making the bulk of our decisions after the first reading period closes on May 31.

To those of you who have helped support TLR through your submissions, or by spreading the word around the writing community, thank you. We’re more encouraged than when we began.

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