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Tahoma Literary Review’s First Issue: Prouder We Could Not Be

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It’s done, it’s out there, we’re darn proud of it, and we hope you love it.

Volume 1, Number 1 of Tahoma Literary Review is officially released. You can a order a print edition through our Amazon link, download a free pdf or epub version, or purchase a 99-cent Kindle version[1].

For this first issue we’ve included an eclectic mix of established and emerging writers, many of whom have also recorded audio clips of their work for our web site. We’re particularly proud of the diversity in this edition, with writers representing many points along today’s author spectrum, in the U.S. as well as abroad.

But it’s the poetry and fiction we believe will appeal most to your literary sensibilities. Among the reasons we started our journal was a commitment to a particular style of literary writing, one that is aware of, and unafraid to comment on the world in which we live. You’ll see it in the poems and stories that tackle difficult issues, and that dwell at the intersection of our inner and outer selves.

Now we could go on about the fabulous work in TLR 1, but we’ll let you check it out for yourself. Download or order an issue, give yourself a block of time, and enjoy what we’ve curated for you.

[1] Amazon forces us to charge for this version, otherwise we would have made this one free, too.

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