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Announcing Tahoma Literary Review's Pushcart Nominees

We at Tahoma Literary Review have special relationships with each piece of work we publish. But once a year, we have the opportunity to nominate six pieces for the Pushcart Prize. It’s not easy to point to a small handful of work to nominate for an award that represents the best that the small press has to offer, but in this our first year, we’re nominating work that we believe is truly outstanding. Our nominees are as follows:


Gratitude Journal, Leslie Pietrzyk

The Invincibles, Jenn Stroud Rossmann



Zoo Bronx, Baby Cat, T.K. Dalton



‘And they, since they / Were not the one dead, turned to their affairs,’ Shaindel Beers

Ars Poetica Disguised as a Love Poem Disguised as a Commemoration of the 166th Anniversary of the Rescue of the Donner Party, Amorak Huey

Sticky, Lesley Wheeler


Read Pietrzyk, Beers, and Huey’s work in our  current issue, and check back on December 31 to read our second issue, featuring Rossmann, Dalton, and Wheeler.

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