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TLR Announces Its Nominations for Pushcarts

It’s a bit of a thrill we have throughout the year to read submissions and bring writers both new and established to publication in TLR. This time of year, though, that thrill is amplified, as we get to nominate our favorites for the annual Pushcart Prize awards.

The Pushcarts are one of the most prestigious honors in the literary world, having recognized great fiction, poetry and essays in small presses since 1976. To us, these nominations are as much about creating opportunities for readers to encounter great work they may have missed, as they are about honoring the writers.

In that spirit TLR presents our 2015 nominations. We thank our contributors for giving us the opportunity to publish them.

If you’d like to read (or reread) any of these works, please visit our Current Issue and our Archives.



  • Barbara Duffey, “Office of Disease Prevention,” published in issue #4
  • Gerry LaFemina, “Basics of the Physical World,” issue #5


  • James Gyure, “The Kitchen on Davis Street,” issue #4
  • Lito Velázquez, “Nuno Sings,” issue #5


  • Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, “At Least Name it What it Is,” issue #4
  • James White, “At Wick’s End,” issue #5

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