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Announcing TLR Volume 3, Number 1

One of the great pleasures of editing a literary journal is taking some time each day to get out of the head of one’s own writing and let others provide their perspectives. Reading their work, especially when I come across a piece that speaks to something I’ve thought about or wanted to say, reminds me of how solipsistic the writer’s life can be, and of the need to step away from it at times, and merely listen.

It’s one of the reasons we don’t pursue themed issues at TLR, preferring instead to let more ethereal currents of thought take hold as we sift through the submission queue. Perhaps the idea that distanced and separate voices can connect in a common thread sounds strange to some, but the currents are there; they converge for every issue, whether in the dark prose of longing that pervades the fiction of this issue, the mystery of knowledge as illustrated by our nonfiction, or the familial bonds that connect humanity in our poetry this time. (Or even in a swell of poetry submissions about chickens, as occurred a few issues ago.)

Our sixth issue is released today, and we’ll leave it for you to determine the emotional waves within for yourself. Please have a look on our Current Issue page.

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