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Tahoma Literary Review Issue 7 is Live

This is where we’re supposed to strike up the band, drop the balloons, have the smiling person onstage encourage your applause—Tahoma Literary Review issue 7 is live! But there’s been enough of that kind of thing lately. So we’ll leave the hoopla and hype to the politicians and announce, soberly and humbly, that this is simply the best damn issue we’ve produced so far.

Contributors in this issue include Daneen Bergland, Asa Drake, Tyler Gillespie, Rachel Kessler, Stephen Lackaye, James Moran, Susan Rich, Cait Weiss, Rachel Willems, Ron A. Austin, G.M. Palmer, Alex Poppe, Kathleen Rooney, Fortunato Salazar, Rebecca Starks, Dan Branch, Judy Bolton-Fasman, and Chris Campanioni.

We could go on about the powerful poetry, the fabulous fiction, and the not-to-be-missed nonfiction, but it’s so much better if you check it out for yourself. Check out some previews of the work in this issue on the Current Issue page.

TLR is also proud to be among a select group of literary journals chosen to publish the work of winners of AWP’s Intro Journals contest. Joseph Holt’s story, “Make it Yours,” and Amanda Huynh’s poem, “What Are You?” appear in this issue.


Reader, Can You Spare a Buck?

Beginning with this issue, TLR will charge $1.29 to purchase the pdf and epub versions of our journal. We’re not greedy. We only want to raise additional funds so that we can pay our contributors more, and maybe even lower submission fees. We hope our readers and followers will support this change. I mean, award-winning poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for less than a buck—what else can you buy for that? Hmmm. There’s always the dollar menu at McDonald’s. Think of TLR as literary nourishment. No comparison, really.

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