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TLR Issue 8 is Live!

Our final issue of 2016 is now live.We’re particularly proud of this one: in this season of awards nearly half of the pieces we’ve tabbed for nomination to prestigious places like the Pushcart Prize, Best Small Fictions and others, come from the pages of TLR8. And we have another great cover, this one thanks to Portland OR artist Annie Meyer.

The work in this issue spans a considerable range of forms, tones, and subjects, but all seem to, at least to a degree, exhibit movement toward, or are affected by escape. The popular definition of “escape” means to get away, run away, to break free. But if literature shows us anything, it’s that with every escape, every challenge defeated, or danger left behind, there’s another situation waiting to confront us. Or perhaps embrace us. Because when we talk about escape, maybe it’s not so much that we want to leave, but that we want to arrive at those safe spaces where we feel accepted. If that’s true then the concepts are inseparable—escape is but a part of the process we use to find ourselves, right there with confrontation, re-imagination and re-creation. This leads to some of life’s ironies: that we must become lost in order to be found, we must accept risk to find safety, we must indulge our weaknesses in order to become strong.

This is the prodigal nature of literature, and of us. Our contributors in issue 8 touch on this concept in many ways.

For samples of what’s inside, please visit our Current Issue page, which has links to some of the stories and poems we’ve published this time.

As a special promotion, we’re making downloads of the pdf and epub versions of the issue free all weekend, through December 4. The printed version of TLR8 will be available during that time for a sale price of only $5.99 plus shipping, using the discount code: Q43NP2P3.

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