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Announcing TLR’s Awards Nominees

For just about every other entertainment industry, spring is the time for awards nominations. For literary journals, though, late fall is when we get to honor our contributors. Saving the best for last is how we look at it. And we promise that reading this blog is as much of your time as we’ll take about it—no four-hour extravaganza to get in the nominees for Best On Set Assistant Coffee Gopher or whatever…

TLR’s nominations for 2016:

The Pushcart Prize:

Poetry: Alex Gallo-Brown for “The Body Wants to Feel Inspired,” published in issue #6; and Maya Jewell Zeller, “The Question of Lilith,” published in issue #8.

Fiction: Fortunato Salazar, “Michael Jacques is in a Better Place Lake,” published in issue #7; and Hilary Zaid, “For Non-Speakers of the Mother Tongue,” published in issue #8.

Nonfiction: Nathan Elliott, “Shiva Buys a House”; and Davon Loeb, “Like Gladiators,”  both published in issue #6. Davon reads his essay on our SoundCloud page. Nathan reads his on SoundCloud too.

Best Small Fictions:

Erica Mosley, “The Mothering Type,” published in issue #6; Ron A. Austin, Most Valuable Player,” in issue #7. From issue #8 we had three nominations: “Overture in Red,” by Andrew Stancek (read it online); “What the Beech Tree Knows,” by William Woolfitt; and “Guinevere Tries a New Kind of In-Vitro,” by Dina Greenberg (read it online).

Congratulations to all our nominees, and thanks to everyone who’s been published in our pages, as well as those who have submitted. TLR is designed to be a collaborative effort that fosters fair compensation and promotion for writers. Even if your work was not selected for an issue, do know that your efforts are appreciated.

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