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Things We Love About AWP

Tahoma Literary Review has wrapped up its third AWP. We thought it’d be apropos to share some of the things we love about EVERY ONE of these annual conferences.

Meeting our writers: Every year, this gets better and better. Not only are we publishing more writers, we also get to see writers from our first issues. We’re so honored that they remember us and make it a point to stop by. It’s like our booth is a little watercooler, filled with joy and literary chat and catching up with old friends. Who’re we kidding: our booth is like the “Cheers” bar.

Meeting new writers: We love hearing about what you’re working on, what types of things you write, what you most love to write. This year, we met a bunch of sci-fi/fantasy writers, and some writers who asked if we take funny stories and essays. (Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes.)

Watching you recognize your worth: We love watching your eyes light up when we tell you we pay. We love telling you that we’ll give you feedback. We love getting to tell you that writers matter to us—not just their writing.

Spreading the love: This year, we hosted a reception called “Meet the Editors Who Pay.” We were so honored to be able to shine some light on A Public Space, The Common, Carve, and Slice—publications who want you to be paid for your work. We can’t wait to show off some more editors who pay, next year, maybe!

Learning from other pros: We think the panels get better every year here at AWP. And that’s largely due in part to the caliber of professionals who are attending it. We want to give a huge shout-out to folks who were bookfair mates who have become friends, like the good people at Submittable, Lit Reactor, The Hot Sheet, and all of our small press friends. What a wealth of knowledge and experience.

We are so, so lucky. Thank you for helping us to feel this way. Onward, to AWP 18!

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