A Northwest Based Literary Journal

About TLR

Tahoma Literary Review is a journal published three times a year in both print and e-reader formats. We are based in the Pacific Northwest, but we are international in scope.

In our first three years of existence, work published in our journal has been selected for Best American Poetry, Best Small Fictions, Best Gay Fiction, mentioned in Best American Essays, and we have had several pieces nominated for the Pushcart Prize by their editorial staff. In addition, many of the stories and poems we have published are included in anthologies and collections.

We at Tahoma Literary Review  are committed to producing a literary journal from the professional writer’s perspective; we feel that writers deserve fair compensation for the weeks or months it takes to compose a publishable poem or story. A major goal of Tahoma Literary Review is to show that writers and publishers can support each other not only artistically, but also financially.

We believe in a collaborative publication model. Literary journals that pay their contributors are rare; most  journals offer only exposure, a questionable concept in a landscape that is crowded with writers, but sadly limited by lack of recognition in mainstream culture. A substantial number of journals now hold contests, with entry fees typically in the $15 to $30+ range—usually with one winner, and maybe a few finalist prizes—instead of paying all contributors.

Our model attempts to find a middle ground that is more equitable. We charge a slightly higher submission fee—$4 for poetry and flash, $5 for prose—and we do our best to earn it. Every submitter has the option to download a free PDF or e-pub copy of our current issue once the submission process is complete. The editors read all submissions themselves; we do not use first readers for other screeners. We also offer editorial feedback for fiction and nonfiction, a rare commodity in the lit journal world: Joe and Yi Shun provide honest and often encouraging comments for a mere two bucks more. Joe also offers a full short story critique for $35-$45, depending on word count—a full description of this service is on the Full Critique Submission page.

TLR offers both professional payment and exposure to our contributors by using a substantial portion of our total income to support our authors. Payment for fiction ranges from $200 to $300, depending on reading period revenue (for issues 8 and 9 it was $250). The amount is determined by the revenues received from submission fees, print journal sales and contributions from sources such as donors and foundations.

Payment for poetry is a minimum of $50. We pay double for long poems.

For nonfiction, payment averages around $100 (we are working on that).

For flash fiction and flash nonfiction, payment has averaged $40 to $50.

TLR takes contributor exposure seriously. Once you’ve been in our pages we publicize you and your work on social media as often as we can. We have a designated page on our web site for ongoing Contributor News, which features publications, awards, and more. We nominate published work for all major literary awards and many smaller prizes. We also give contributors the option of blogging for us, and recording audio of their published work for our SoundCloud page.

Questions? Please ask via the Contact page.