From Issue 17: "Omorimachi," by Vaughn M. Watson

I don’t know my motive or my enemy. All too often I boost towards a robot and swing a lightsword at it, only to realize they are impervious to friendly fire. By the time I am able to boost and jump effectively, my robot explodes into flames. And then it’s almost time for the tomorrow flight. Tomorrow is now.

From Issue 16: "Both Sides," by Nadia Shahbaz

Within a family, there is often a single chosen faith. I grew up believing in the utility of two religions—Islam and Catholicism—and was told that they can each be half-believed, half-assumed.

It was a logic I could easily ingest because it’s the logic of my identity. I’m half-Afghan, half-Italian—and American. Half-inserted, half-outside of two dense, sagging bubbles, floating in an open sky.

From Issue 13: "Wheels" (Nonfiction)

From Issue 13: Richard Hoffman's "Wheels" 

Listed in Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction of 2018, as selected by Robert Atwan in Best American Essays 2019.

We slot our bikes into the rack and hang our helmets on the handlebars. The café is crowded and there’s a line to the counter. At a table nearby, a teenage boy in a wheelchair is being fed through a straw by a woman who looks to be his mother. I recognize the round face, the narrow shoulders, the lolling head of someone with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the disease that killed my brothers ...