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Book Review Request Guidelines

TLR Recommends Book Review Submission Guidelines:

Poetry and Nonfiction: If you’re an author, publisher, or publicist, you’re welcome to send electronic galleys of a new (published within the past 6 months) or forthcoming book of poetry, or creative nonfiction for us to read. There’s no need to query—just direct your galley to the appropriate editor via email (don’t use our Submittable channels for galleys, please. Email’s fine, really!) Press kits with publication info are helpful and are especially welcome. We aren’t looking for self-published titles at this time. Please be aware of the fact that we can’t follow up on every galley submitted to us, but we’ll let you know if we plan to review your book.

Fiction: Joe prefers a query to publisher (at) tahomaliteraryreview (dot) com, or query me on Twitter. If I am interested I will ask for a sample, or the complete work. Please don’t send me a sample or the entire book (either print or efile) unless I ask for it. Novels, collections, anthologies, chapbooks are welcome. Big 5, mainstream and indie presses are okay. Self-pubbed books too, but you’ll really have to sell me on it. Literary works preferred. I will consider genre works, but only those of a highly intellectual nature. I am not interested in children’s or YA literature. Your best shot is to query 3-6 months prior to release date. If I agree to do a review, then a physical copy of the book is much preferred to Kindle or efile. I can’t follow up on every query, but I’ll let you know if I plan to review your book.

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