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Emerging from the Slush: 10 Tips for Writers

March 14, 2017

By Robert Kerbeck When I proposed my panel for AWP 2017, Emerging from the Slush: How to Get Your Short Story Published, I didn’t think it would be accepted. I haven’t published a book. I don’t have an MFA, let alone an agent, though I have had a dozen or so stories published over the… Read More ›

To Resubmit, or Not to Resubmit

Editors’ Note: We’ll have complete info on our AWP booth, reception, and other activities in our February 7 blog, so check back next week. As part of our Feedback Options for submissions, Nonfiction Editor Yi Shun Lai and I send a lot of revision advice to writers, along with declines. Recently a couple of submitters… Read More ›

Now or Later: Does it Make Any Difference When You Submit?

Recently a submitter to the fiction category mentioned this in her cover letter: I’m curious as to whether submission at the beginning or end of a submission period matters. It’s something I think about throughout each submission period, since it’s our goal to be fair to writers no matter when they submit. But as the… Read More ›

Announcing TLR’s Awards Nominees

For just about every other entertainment industry, spring is the time for awards nominations. For literary journals, though, late fall is when we get to honor our contributors. Saving the best for last is how we look at it. And we promise that reading this blog is as much of your time as we’ll take… Read More ›

We Need to Talk About Money: Practicality’s Place in a Writing Education

The other day my husband fixed our bathroom sink with a video on YouTube, and I read a tutorial on how to build a wall planter. So I was kind of surprised when I saw someone in an online writer’s community I’m in ask whether or not we thought her MFA program should be teaching… Read More ›

How Editing Changed My View of Submitting

In our last reading period I read and assessed almost 400 fiction submissions. Of those submissions I tagged 45 short stories for additional consideration, which means that I found them of publishable quality. Forty-five stories, and we planned to run four, maybe five. That meant saying “no” to 40 writers whose work should be published…. Read More ›

Overnight, I’m Famous… On Playster… In Russia… What?

I have to laugh, because I have no other option. A few years ago I published a small collection of stories titled The Face Maker and Other Stories of Obsession. It didn’t do much in terms of sales, but then I didn’t do much in terms of promotion. But the book world has a funny… Read More ›