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To Resubmit, or Not to Resubmit

January 31, 2017

Editors’ Note: We’ll have complete info on our AWP booth, reception, and other activities in our February 7 blog, so check back next week. As part of our Feedback Options for submissions, Nonfiction Editor Yi Shun Lai and I send a lot of revision advice to writers, along with declines. Recently a couple of submitters… Read More ›


TLR Recommends: Nonfiction Book Reviews

Listening to Kathy By Jo Scott-Coe ISBN: 978-0692747971 Big Jacaranda Books There is something to be said for the very small books; the ones you carry about in your pocket or your pocketbook, to be delved into and read over time. Converse to their size, one wants to linger with them: their compactness urges you… Read More ›


Last Week to Submit for Issue 9

As 2016 comes to a close the TLR staff is looking back on a year of growth and accomplishment, thanks mostly to the creativity and generosity of our contributors and submitters. We’re also closing out the submission period for our ninth issue. It ends on December 31 at midnight, so this week is the last opportunity… Read More ›


TLR Issue 8 is Live!

Our final issue of 2016 is now live.We’re particularly proud of this one: in this season of awards nearly half of the pieces we’ve tabbed for nomination to prestigious places like the Pushcart Prize, Best Small Fictions and others, come from the pages of TLR8. And we have another great cover, this one thanks to… Read More ›


When to Turn Nonfiction into Fiction

There is a fine line between fiction and nonfiction. In fact, some of us, yours truly included, believe that all fiction is rooted in some nonfiction, whether that truth be a certain emotion that triggers a storyline, or real-life events that the writer wants to spin into a fictional work. It can be tempting to… Read More ›


Last Two Days to Submit for Tahoma Literary Review’s 8th Issue

The submission period for TLR’s eighth issue closes Wednesday at midnight, so if you’re still considering sending in your poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, you’ve got two more days to decide. We’ve already closed the Fiction Full Critique category, as the response there was far greater than anticipated. In fact submissions are up across the board,… Read More ›


Tahoma Literary Review Issue 7 is Live

This is where we’re supposed to strike up the band, drop the balloons, have the smiling person onstage encourage your applause—Tahoma Literary Review issue 7 is live! But there’s been enough of that kind of thing lately. So we’ll leave the hoopla and hype to the politicians and announce, soberly and humbly, that this is… Read More ›


TLR Recommends: Book Reviews

Becoming Wise Krista Tippett Penguin Press 978-1594206801 I used to wonder if there were no more true philosophers left. They’d all become specialized as ethicists, semioticians, linguists, logicians, aestheticians; had turned to narrowly-defined studies of behavior and logic. But there wasn’t anyone dedicated to synthesizing and broadening the knowledge of our human endeavors: religion, physics,… Read More ›


TLR Recommends: Nonfiction Book Reviews

The Courtship of Eva Eldridge: A Story of Bigamy in the Marriage-Mad Fifties Diane Simmons University of Iowa Press, August 2016 ISBN: 978-1609384616 Some of us are perpetually, desperately, in love with letters. We love writing them, getting them in the mail, and we may even still have a box or two of those silly… Read More ›


Practicing Patience with Memoir by Carmella de los Angeles Guiol

There are lots of quiet moments and surprising experiences from my life that get under my skin. Maybe I’ll write about the event or conversation that very day, or perhaps it will take weeks before I pen it to paper. I will usually revisit and revise the piece over the course of several months, making… Read More ›