NEW! Gift-Wrapped for the Holidays

NEW! Gift-Wrapped for the Holidays

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If you are looking for some holiday gift ideas, check out these reader-friendly options from Tahoma Literary Review. We use Amazon's print-on-demand service to produce our magazine, and for the holidays we can ask them to gift wrap and send a hard copy of our latest issue to friends and family.

  • If you purchase a subscription here, we'll have the latest issue wrapped and sent with a short personal message. Then we'll send the subscription's two remaining issues when they are published (Our issues publish in November, March, and July).
  • If you buy a single-copy gift issue here, it can also be wrapped and sent along with a personal message. 

To use the gift-wrapping service, complete your checkout here, and enter your information for the Billing Address. When you receive your confirmation email, you can reply to that with

  1. The name and address where we should send the gift;
  2. A phone number in case we have any delivery issues; and
  3. A message up to 195 characters for the card 

and we'll take it from there. As an alternative, you can send the gift information to through the Contact Us area on our website. We will not use that information for anything but fulfilling the purchase.

With the print-on-demand service, orders can take up to 10 days to arrive.