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Tahoma Literary Review is proud to release our eighth issue, featuring poetry and fiction from writers throughout the United States and abroad. We are proud to feature both established and debut authors in this issue. The lovely cover art is courtesy of Portland, Oregon artist Annie Meyer. The issue is available in print, pdf, epub and Kindle formats. Highlighted contributors are links to previews of some of the work in this issue. Click here for purchase options in print and digital formats.



Michael Bazzett, The Fever
Callista Buchen and Amy Ash, Fire as Fragment
Amorak Huey, The World Is Full of Dogs Without Collars
Michael Mark, Middle of the Night Eating
Owen McLeod, Twelve Pzalms To Our Lord Bubba
Sierra Nelson, Pickup Truck Pantoum
Sara Quinn Rivara, Madonna of the Dry Tree
Martha Silano, One felt dirty, dirty with swollen feet
Willie VerSteeg, Just Married
Lesley Wheeler, Ambitions: At Speed
Renia White, The Body The Ticket
Maya Jewell Zeller, The Question of Lilith

Dina Greenberg, Guinevere Tries a New Kind of In-Vitro
Jessica Lanay, Between These Two Places
David Alexander Southard, I Wrote this Story for the Girl Laurelei Hayes
Andrew Stancek, Overture in Red
Rachael Warecki, The Fluid in Our Veins
Shelly Weathers, The Big Tent of Sky
William Woolfitt, What the Beech Tree Knows
Hilary Zaid, For Non-Speakers of the Mother Tongue

Bryce Emley, Parabiosis (My Father as Anglerfish)
Cameron Gibson, In Black and White
Erika Reich Giles, Piano Lessons
Kristine Langley Mahler, Remains
Kara Oakleaf, Origin Story
C.C. Russell, This Is How You Can Write About Her
Victor Yang, For People Like Our Parents

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