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How We Publish (and Why We Do It That Way)

We publish Tahoma Literary Review in both print and digital formats. Although the move to digital reading continues to gain followers, there is still a substantial percentage of readers who prefer the more tactile sensation of reading a book the old-fashioned way. As the publishers have significant experience in creating books that way, we’re more than happy to provide it.

Print: We design the printed version of TLR in house. Both Joe and Kelly have graphic design experience. Print production is accomplished through CreateSpace, which is a division of Amazon. There’s no denying that Amazon has adversely impacted the economic model for authors—none of us here at TLR is happy about that. But in terms of book publishing, CS is by far the least expensive way to publish without sacrificing quality. That means we can make our print journal more affordable, and reach more readers. Until we come up with a better option to meet those needs, we’ll continue to do it this way.

Digital: We offer TLR in a variety of digital formats. Our pdf version is created from the print files, and is an exact replica of the printed journal, and includes a hyperlinked table of contents. The epub and Kindle versions are created from our Word files—how they reproduce on your e-reader depends mostly on the type of device you use.

The pdf and epub versions can be downloaded from our store site for $1.29 each. Submitters to our journal can download a free copy of the most recent issue once the submission process is complete.

The print journal and Kindle file are available on Amazon.

Please keep in mind that every sale helps raise money to better compensate our contributors. Please consider making a donation to help this cause. Every donation is used exclusively to pay our writers.

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