A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Issue 1 Table of Contents

Ars Poetica Disguised as a Love Poem Disguised as a Commemoration of the 166th Anniversary of the Rescue of the Donner Party, Amorak Huey, Poetry

Dialectics, Kevin Honold, Poetry

Sirius Lament in Canis Minor, Yim Tan Wong, Poetry

Don’t Start Me Talking, Miles White, Flash Fiction

In Which Case I Could Stay / Open, Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow, Poetry

Gratitude Journal, Leslie Pietrzyk, Fiction

Notorious, Valerie Nieman, Poetry

Sunday Afternoon Retrospect, Susan Rich, Poetry

Conductive Hearing, Ciara Shuttleworth, Poetry

What Would Your Mother Say, Charlotte Morganti, Flash Fiction

The Phrenologist’s Leap, Terry Wolverton, Poetry

Catechism, Emma Bolden, Flash Fiction

Shame, Tara Skurtu, Poetry

A Survey of Minor Disfigurements, Austin R. Pick, Fiction

First Husband, Robert King, Poetry

A Letter From Your Dinosaur, Leland Cheuk, Flash Fiction

“And they, since they / Were not the one dead, turned to their affairs,” Shaindel Beers, Poetry

Northwest Scenes, Wesley Burk, Photography

Caldera, Rachel Mennies, Poetry

Men in White, Stefen Styrsky, Fiction

Fire Season, Carolyne Wright, Poetry

The Broken Leg, Amanda Moore, Poetry

And Not to Have is the Beginning of Desire, Elizabeth Oness, Fiction

On Frans de Waal Declaring “We Are All Machiavellians” in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Tim Kahl, Poetry

The Last Five Years, July Westhale, Poetry

Summer at the Horgoš Border Crossing, Jessica Jewell, Poetry

Not About Liz, Catherine Moore, Flash Fiction

Bow and Cello, Brandon Courtney, Poetry

Brothel Song, Jen Lambert, Poetry

The Aftermath, Nandini Dhar, Poetry

Honored After Rescue Failed, Nicole Robinson, Poetry

But For The Streetlamps and The Moon and All the Stars, Katie Bickell, Fiction

Salvatore, Paul J. Willis, Poetry

Signs, Diane Lockward, Poetry

Self-Portrait in Dystopian Landscape, Stephen Lackaye, Poetry


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