A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Issue 2 Table of Contents

Respectfully Yours, The Sea, Martha Silano, Poetry

Introduction to Junk Science, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Poetry

Drones: An Exercise in Awe-Terror, Nomi Stone, Poetry

Near End of the Far Side, Frank Light, Nonfiction

Ghost Story, Kirk Schlueter, Poetry

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Invincibles, Jenn Stroud Rossmann, Fiction

Thinking Back on the Night, Nance Van Winckel

Jack and Gustav, Ellie Francis Douglass, Flash Fiction

The Fable of the Man, Michael Bazzett, Poetry

Finding the Body, Jaimee Wriston Colbert, Fiction

Simone’s Refrain as Apocalyptic Ballad, Carly Joy Miller, Poetry

Chimp, Kayla Miller, Fiction

Taking Lucy Back, Teri Carter, Nonfiction

What is Played, What is Heard, Michael Schmeltzer, Poetry

Pinholes, Dan Kennard, Flash Fiction

The Low End Theory, Maceo J. Whitaker, Poetry

The Boy, Alice Neiley, Flash Fiction

She Replies to the Alumni Coordinator of the Conservative Christian College Where She Took a Summer Art Class in 1997, Jennifer Bullis, Poetry

Sticky, Lesley Wheeler, Poetry

Zoo Bronx, Baby Cat, T.K. Dalton, Nonfiction

The Dash, Janet Buttenwieser, Flash Nonfiction

Andrew, Your New Tattoo Is Incredibly Stupid, Amber Rhambarose, Poetry

Burn History, Lori A. May, Flash Nonfiction

Illinois River Postcard, a plea to John B., David Wright, Poetry

Out of the Woods, William Siavelis, Nonfiction

Cornucopia, James Benton, Poetry

One Hundred Days, Doug Ramspeck, Poetry

February, Marty McConnell, Poetry

Monologue for Country and Ex-Neighbors, Timothy Ogene, Fiction

A Crown for Headless Mama in her 14 x 14 Music Box, Jenn Givhan, Poetry


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