A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Issue 3 Table of Contents

You, Tumbling, Linda Michel-Cassidy, Flash Nonfiction

Resurrection in Tercets, Ronda Broatch, Poetry

Place Your Hand Here, Lilliam Rivera, Fiction

The Inheritance of Loss, Laura Kendall, Nonfiction

Davenports and Ottomans, Stefanie Freele, Flash Fiction

Summer Solstice at 43, Heather Altfeld, Poetry

Iris and the Message Baby, Lynda Sexson, Fiction

A Genealogy of The Word, Nickole Brown, Poetry

Growing Up, All the Mobile Homes, Arian Katsimbras, Poetry

Christmas, 1986, Monic Ductan, Poetry

The California Water War, John Brantingham, Flash Fiction

Rebuilding Pearlington, Shane Pekny, Nonfiction

After Reading the News, Michael Lauchlan, Poetry

West Hollywood, 1992, Dani Burlison, Fiction

Polaroid #2: Crack Motel ’98, Marcus Clayton, Poetry

Botox at Whitman-Walker / A New Man, Stefen Styrsky, Flash Fiction

The Vampires, Heather Momyer, Fiction

Derivatives, Tara Skurtu, Poetry


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