A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Issue 4 Table of Contents

The Elocutioner’s Mask, Brandon Amico, poetry

Upon Celebrating America’s Birthday, Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, poetry

Days on the Duwamish, Priscilla Long, nonfiction

The Atomic Ark, Nathan Landau, poetry

Toilet Fish, Edmund Zagorin, fiction

The Chicken Poem, Karen Skolfield, poetry

Superweeds, August Donovan, poetry

Go. Stop., Kathy Anderson, fiction

Love and the Crumb Girl, Deirdre Lockwood, poetry

Taksim, Marc Nieson, fiction

All God’s Chillun, Miles White, flash fiction

Joshua Tree, Steven Sanchez, poetry

Varsity, Brock Kingsley, flash nonfiction

March, 1959, Nancy Carol Moody, poetry

Two-Part Inventions, Terese Robison, flash fiction

“Don’t,” Carolyne Wright, poetry

Upstairs, My Daughter Draws Jesus, Ciara Shuttleworth, poetry

At Least Name it What it Is, Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, flash nonfiction

What You Look Like, Tyrese Coleman, flash fiction

Girl as Infidel, Tasha Cotter, poetry

Meridian, Stacey Balkun, poetry

The Kitchen on Davis Street, James Gyure, fiction

Numerous as the Stars, Devon Ronner, fiction

Glass, Chris Arthur, nonfiction

Office of Disease Prevention, Barbara Duffey, poetry

The Oriole Outside My Window Reminds Me, Maya Jewell Zeller, poetry

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