A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Issue 5 Table of Contents

Late July, Clover Lick, West Virginia, Kristie Letter, flash fiction

Nuno Sings, Lito Velázquez, fiction

Littlelight, Joe Wilkins, poetry

Mother of 2 Stabbed to Death in Silverton, Colorado, Allison Adair, poetry

A Brief History of How My Parents Didn’t Die, Stephen S. Mills, poetry

At Wick’s End, James White, nonfiction

Norway, Kenzie Allen, poetry

Loss, Amy Collini, flash nonfiction

The Emperor, Pamela Schmid, nonfiction

Tips for Young Girls Hoping to Avoid the Rapture, Karen J. Weyant, poetry

Daegu Lust, Noah Saunders, fiction

Without the Light, Mark Burke, poetry

Answers at a Press Conference, Amy Miller, poetry

Eulogy for a Small People, Roz Ray, flash fiction

Scenes from the Aftermath, Roz Ray, flash fiction

Door, Ann S. Epstein, fiction

Gojira & Son, J.T. Townley, fiction

Spiderman Hitches a Ride, José Araguz, flash fiction

Phantoum from Alternate Universes,             John F. Buckley and Martin Ott, poetry

Listen, Andrew Collard, poetry

Miss Honeybunch Takes a Dip, Robert Moulthrop, fiction

Den, Allison Linville, poetry

Cotard, Brandon Barrett, flash fiction

No, it did not give you wings, Martha Silano, poetry

Sleeping Beauty: Markson Fangirl, Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber, flash fiction

Goat, Hila Ratzabi, poetry

Bone Men, Jen Julian, fiction

A Thousandth of a Second, Ellen Goldstein, flash nonfiction

In Which I Search the Earth for the Sweetest Thing and Find It in a Pool, Sarah Broussard Weaver, flash nonfiction

Basics of the Physical World, Gerry LaFemina, poetry


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