A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Issue 6 Table of Contents

The Body Wants to Feel Inspired, Alex Gallo-Brown, poetry

Shiva Buys a House, Nathan Elliott, flash nonfiction

Lost and Found, Lynn Sloan, fiction

Waiting for the News, Natalia Holtzman, poetry

To Do:, Katie Bickell, fiction

The Mothering Type, Erica Mosley, flash fiction

Yahoo! Answers, Benjamin Harnett, poetry

My Escape, Marisela Navarro, flash fiction

Morning at the U.S. Consulate, Office of Stolen Passports, Gaylord Brewer, poetry

Car Talk, Eloisa Amezcua, poetry

Wade and the Summer Wolf, Samantha Jo Atkins, fiction

Tzadik Nistar, Patrick Roesle, flash fiction

Pilgrimage, Tracy Harris, nonfiction

It’s summer, but we can find plenty of ways not to care, Siobhan Phillips, poetry

Like Gladiators, Davon Loeb, flash nonfiction

Hand Wing, Heather Durham, nonfiction

Grace, Gabriel Welsch, poetry

Every Stargazer Knows Her Vowels, Charity Gingerich, poetry

Convergence, JLSchneider, flash nonfiction

Next Week on Game of Thrones, Anita Koester, poetry

Inland Sea, Blair Hurley, flash fiction

We Are Cold, and We Are Crystals, Alice Stinetorf, fiction

Matriarchy, Carmella de los Angeles Guiol, nonfiction

Although I Have Made My Father into a Bird, Shevaun Brannigan, poetry

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