A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Issue 7 Table of Contents

Love Scene with Plankton, Daneen Bergland, poetry

Michael Jacques is in a Better Place Lake, Fortunato Salazar, fiction

Canasta Club, 1963, Susan Rich, poetry

The Driving Lesson, Judy Bolton-Fasman, flash nonfiction

Ode to the Glitz, Cait Weiss, poetry

The Summer Before the Fall, Rebecca Starks, fiction

Butterfly, Stephen Lackaye, poetry

Moxie, Alex Poppe, fiction

Detour, James Moran, poetry

The sleeping won’t show you sleep, Asa Drake, poetry

Most Valuable Player, Ron Austin, flash fiction

Clairvoyance (Autoportrait), Kathleen Rooney, flash fiction

Oblique Strategies For Self-Knowledge That Had A Lot of Energy But Are Ultimately Depressing Because Hope Is Eclipsed by That Self-Loathing Marauder Who Loots Everything, Rachel Kessler, poetry

Lothing and Hoes at the 48th Street Winn-Dixie, G.M. Palmer, flash fiction

The Jerry Springer Show at the Laundromat, Tyler Gillespie, poetry

I Do, Chris Campanioni, nonfiction

Skiff, Dan Branch, nonfiction

Digitalis, Rachel Willems, poetry

Special Section: AWP Intro to Journals Award Winners
Make it Yours, Joseph Holt, fiction
What Are You?, Amanda Huynh, poetry

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