Wendy Smith, Issue 3

Wendy Smith

Life Aquatic, by Wendy Smith


In the Blink of an Eye, Wendy Smith


Creation, Wendy Smith


Issue three’s cover image is from a series by southern California artist Wendy Smith called “Inside the Brain.” The series consists of four drawings in four series each for a total of sixteen images.

The inspiration for the series was Camillo Golgi, who is considered the father of neuroscience. He was the first scientist to dye samples of brain tissue so the neurons could be observed. Smith’s drawings mimic this technique by using washes of color in different orders to illustrate the brain cells.

Smith did her undergraduate work in Nottingham England and then moved on to the Rhode Island School of Design, in Providence for grad school in sculpture.

Smith has done other “brain” drawings in her career, including a large set of drawings in Texas that are now owned by the Museum of Fine. As she likes to say, she left her brains in Texas.

Her other work often deals with subjects like evolution and mythology. Samples of her drawing and sculpture can be viewed on her web site, wendysmithartist.com.