Position Announcement: Fiction Editor (Part-time)


Tahoma Literary Review is looking for a fiction editor to start no later than June 1, 2020. This is a part-time position, with a per-issue stipend of $300 minimum (varies issue to issue).

Established in 2014, Tahoma Literary Review has 300+ subscribers (print and digital) for its three issues of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry a year. The core of the team are the fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and managing editors. We work virtually, with a range of online tools (Submittable, Google Drive, Slack, Skype, etc.) 

Currently, two associate editors assist the fiction editor with reading and selecting fiction pieces for each issue. 

All selections for Tahoma Literary Review come from the open queue, with an eight-week submission period per issue. The number of fiction submissions in a reading period typically ranges between 400 to 500 (including flash fiction submissions). The fiction editor makes final selections, works with authors to revise their selected pieces,  then reviews copyedit suggestions and galley layouts. The fiction team currently offers feedback and full critiques as added services and as a source of added income; whether we continue that could depend on the new editor.

The fiction editor also supports marketing of the magazine. This can include social media postings and representation at conferences or other events. 

Please explore our website for a sense of the magazine’s aesthetic and operations. The Excerpts section highlights past contributions, while the Transparency Index reports on our workload and finances. Copies of the magazine are also available on the website, in digital or print format.

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Here is a more detailed list of the fiction editor's duties:

 Editing duties

-Manage 2 associate fiction editors (assign yes/no stories and critiques only)
-Vet yes/no stories (within 3 months of story’s submission)
-Vet feedback stories (within 3 months of story’s submission)
-Write feedback (within 3 months of story’s submission)
-Write a share of the critiques each reading period (within 3 months of story’s submission)
-Edit stories/work with writers
-Attend editorial meetings (currently every other week, via Skype)


Production duties

-Propose cover art for each issue, discuss and review with editorial/publishing team. When acting as the primary contact for the cover artist, work on layout of the artwork, agreement to use, preparation of the artist’s statement, etc.
-Traffick manuscripts between editing passes-Collect writers’ biographies and photos
-Work with copy editor; managing editor on copy/proofreading passes
-Review and approve galley proofs. Includes checking electronic versions of the layout, suggesting corrections, assessing contributors’ requests for changes, and (with other editors/publishers) final approval of the galley proof before publication. 
-Review introduction note of each issue
Marketing duties
-Monitor Instagram feed
-Promote each issue
-Promote each writer’s subsequent successes
-Post fiction excerpts to web site
-Promote (and help to review) transparency index
-Promote magazine overall through appearances, articles, other writing
-Revise & proofread or write website content, other promotional materials
-Represent the magazine at conferences, notably AWP’s annual conference. TLR typically pays registration and exhibit fees, some meal/entertainment expenses, and other miscellaneous costs, but not travel or accommodations.


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