A Northwest Based Literary Journal

Payment and Exposure Info

TLR offers both professional payment and exposure to our contributors by using a substantial portion of our total income to support our authors. As of Issue 8, here are our payment amounts:

Payment for fiction is a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $300.

Payment for poetry is a minimum of $50.

For nonfiction, payment averages around $75-$100 (we are working on that).

For flash fiction and flash nonfiction, payment has averaged $40 to $50.

TLR takes contributor exposure seriously. Once you’ve been in our pages we publicize you and your work on social media as often as we can. We have a designated page on our web site for ongoing Contributor News, which features publications, awards, and more. We nominate published work for all major literary awards and many smaller prizes. We also give contributors the option of blogging for us, and recording audio of their published work for our SoundCloud page.

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