Issue 10

Issue 10

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About the PDF: We suggest downloading the pdf file, as it is a virtual copy of the print issue, including color photos. The pdf file is fully interactive too. It can be read by Acrobat Reader, a free utility.

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Issue 10 Contributors:

Poetry: Ronda Broatch, Chelsea Dingman, M. Brett Gaffney, Amy Miller, Zoë Brigley Thompson, Michael Torres, Maceo J. Whitaker, John Sibley Williams, Leslie Williams

Fiction: Nancy Au, Marie Baleo, Justin Herrmann, Isabella Jiang, Dona McCormack, Mark Polanzak, Sarah P. Strong

Nonfiction: Laurie Ember, Priscilla Long, Joanna Pocock, Jo Scott-Coe, Cheryl Smart

AWP Intro Journals Winners: D. Nolan Jefferson, Paige Leland