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How Editing Changed My View of Submitting

In our last reading period I read and assessed almost 400 fiction submissions. Of those submissions I tagged 45 short stories for additional consideration, which means that I found them of publishable quality. Forty-five stories, and we planned to run four, maybe five. That meant saying “no” to 40 writers whose work should be published…. Read More ›


Fiction Submissions Now Open; Poetry, Nonfiction Next Week

Just a note to let writers know that submissions of Fiction and Flash Fiction have opened for our ninth issue. This includes the Feedback Option and the Full Critique Option. To thank our submitters for their support of TLR, every submitter will be able to download a free digital copy of our latest issue, once… Read More ›


Tahoma Literary Review Issue 7 is Live

This is where we’re supposed to strike up the band, drop the balloons, have the smiling person onstage encourage your applause—Tahoma Literary Review issue 7 is live! But there’s been enough of that kind of thing lately. So we’ll leave the hoopla and hype to the politicians and announce, soberly and humbly, that this is… Read More ›


Slush: What Reading It is Like on the Other Side of the Editorial Wall, by J.T. Townley

A few years back, I worked at a magazine, a literary magazine, a major literary magazine, reading the slush. People the world over submitted their short stories, and it was my job to read them. I wasn’t alone. At any given time, there must’ve been at least half a dozen of us, people finishing grad… Read More ›


TLR @ AWP: Where to Find Us; What We’re Doing

If you’re among the 14,000-plus writers and editors expected to attend the 2015 AWP Conference in Minneapolis starting Wednesday, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit the staff of Tahoma Literary Review in your Bookfair travels. We’ll be at booth 403, close to the main entrance and under the majestic TLR banner. Here’s… Read More ›

In Time for AWP: Tahoma Literary Review’s Third Issue

Yes, we planned it this way. Tahoma Literary Review’s third issue (Vol. 2, No. 1) is now live, released to coincide with the annual AWP Conference in Minneapolis on April 9-11. As always, the issue is available in a print edition and Kindle on Amazon, and in free downloadable pdf and epub editions on our… Read More ›


A New Issue for a New Year – TLR Issue 2 is Here!

Tahoma Literary Review’s Issue 2 is live! We’re excited to offer some of the best poetry and fiction around, as well as original cover art by Seattle artist Camille Patha.* This issue also marks the debut of our nonfiction essay and flash offerings. As before, TLR’s editors have created a collection of work by both… Read More ›

Getting Personal About Rejection

TLR’s editors have a label they can attach to poetry and story submissions that reads “Send Personal Rejection.” A check of our files recently showed that we have sent out 280 of those notes in our first two-plus issues. Some writers prefer not to receive personal rejections. There are times when I feel that way…. Read More ›


Welcome Aboard, Flash Fiction Editor Stephanie Barbé Hammer

When we first began to accept flash fiction for Tahoma Literary Review, both Joe and I had in mind the day that we’d be able to welcome a dedicated Flash Fiction Editor to our team. We’re delighted that we’ve found the right person to step into the role, and it’s our pleasure to introduce you… Read More ›


Finding the Story, by Charlotte Morganti

F. Scott Fitzgerald said “Find the key emotion; this may be all you need to find your short story.” The key for me, when writing “What Would Your Mother Say” was not finding the emotion of the story, but finding the questions behind it. Like much of my fiction, this piece has its roots in… Read More ›