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How Editing Changed My View of Submitting

In our last reading period I read and assessed almost 400 fiction submissions. Of those submissions I tagged 45 short stories for additional consideration, which means that I found them of publishable quality. Forty-five stories, and we planned to run four, maybe five. That meant saying “no” to 40 writers whose work should be published…. Read More ›


Tahoma Literary Review’s First Issue: Prouder We Could Not Be

Quick links to: Our Print Edition • Free e-reader downloads • Kindle Version • Audio Clips   It’s done, it’s out there, we’re darn proud of it, and we hope you love it. Volume 1, Number 1 of Tahoma Literary Review is officially released. You can a order a print edition through our Amazon link,… Read More ›


On Centrum’s Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, by Ciara Shuttleworth

I took for granted the literary royalty that visited my childhood home. Writers came through on their way to massive careers, or teeth-cracking collapse, or mediocrity. Many of them came back again and again. Regardless who they were or how many times they’d visited, my parents fed them too much food, made up a bed,… Read More ›


Some of My Best Friends Have MFAs: Writing Between the Cultures, by Austin R. Pick

In his column, TLR Publisher Joe Ponepinto has written insightfully about what are being called the “two cultures” of American fiction: MFA vs NYC, as snappily captured in the title of a new book edited by Chad Harbach. In a 2010 essay of the same name (now included in the book), Harbach offers a rather… Read More ›