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Portland Artist Annie Meyer: Abstract Landscapes and Figure Studies

Annie Meyer is a Portland, Oregon artist who specializes in the human figure and abstract landscapes. This issue’s cover art is called “5 French Trees,” and is part of her French Landscapes series.

Meyer grew up in the Midwest. She credits the affinity of her minimal landscape artwork to the farmlands of her childhood with open skies, a few lines and trees. Her art has evolved to encompass work in three media: painting (oil and acrylic paintings), oil monotype prints, and ceramic tiles. Her minimal landscapes have branched into three distinct aspects from the places where she travels and lives: French Landscapes, Oregon Landscapes, and Waterscapes.

French Landscapes: Meyer has spent each September since 1994 plein air painting in France. The paintings and ideas produced in France serve as the basis of inspiration for a body of work developed in her studio during the rainy Portland winters. The stark shapes and colors reminiscent of the Fauvist style are some of her most ambitious work.

Oregon Landscapes: Meyer began this series of paintings and monotypes in 2005. It’s based on landscapes around the Pendleton/Blue Mountain and Palouse areas of Oregon and Eastern Washington, as well as the Willamette Valley.

Waterscapes: In the Midwest, Meyer was drawn to scenes of the Great Lakes. Now living in the Pacific Northwest she is still attracted to shorelines. This branch of her work seeks to capture the interplay of color between cloudy skies and the reflection of the sky upon the water.


Annie Meyer in her studio in Portland’s Pearl District.

Regarding her studies of the human figure, Meyer has a variety of series based on color palettes, as well as one called At the Beach. She works strictly from live models, and prefers to work with the same model for each series. This work is primarily in monotypes, although sometimes paintings or on tile.

Meyer’s work can be seen on her web site at http://anniemeyerartwork.com, and in her gallery in Portland’s Pearl District, in the southeast part of the city. She also has her own YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/AnnieMeyeArtwork/featured) where she explains the philosophy behind some of her artistic processes. She is available for commission projects.


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