From Issue 15: "Sex Ed" (Nonfiction)

New work, from Issue 15: Mathilda Wheeler's "Sex Ed"

If Daddy listened, he would put down his paper. He would turn off the TV. He would look me in the eye. He would take off his reading glasses. He would not joke. He would not say, "For crying out loud." He would say, "What is it, Tilda?" And his voice would not be impatient. It would be caring. And if I said, “Nothing," he would say, "No. Tell me." He would know to ask, to keep asking. And then I could tell him. I could ask him. About boys. About rules. About Ted Sayer.

From Issue 15: "Lake Reality" (Poetry)

In this week's excerpt, F. Daniel Rzicznek's poem "Lake Reality" offers us an exploration in the rain, between father and son, of what moves through the past and back into the familiar present.

From Issue 15: "Crepuscular Behavior," Carolyn Oliver

Carolyn Oliver's cassowary bird is only the secondary star of her story "Crepuscular Behavior." Read on for more.

From Issue 15: "Hup" (Flash Nonfiction)

New work, from Issue 15: Emily Brisse's "Studies in Erosion"

As I climbed the narrow ladder, it bobbing beneath my weight, beads of sweat popped along my hairline. Once atop the board with this second instructor, I watched as she used a long pole to retrieve the fly bar from where it had been suspended. She motioned me forward ...

From Issue 15: "Gravity Haunted" (Poetry)

M. Soledad Caballero takes us along a courageous journey this week in her prose poem, "Gravity Haunted."

From Issue 15: "Homecoming," by Ashley Hand

New flash fiction from Issue 15: Ashley Hand's "Homecoming."

From Issue 15: "Song of the South, Reprise" (Nonfiction)

New work, from Issue 15: Sean Enfield's "Song of the South, Reprise"

I have this recurring dream—call it a fantasy if you want—in which I travel back in time to 1940s rural Mississippi and tell my white grandma that I’m her future black grandson.

From Issue 15: "On Contrast" (Poetry)

Our featured work this week, "On Contrast," is a thoughtful poem by John A. Nieves to savor in the waning days of summer. Let us know what you think!

From Issue 15: "A Good World," by Mario Aliberto III

New fiction, from Issue 15: Mario Aliberto III's transformative story, "A Good World."

From Issue 15: "Studies in Erosion" (Flash Nonfiction)

New work, from Issue 15: Kristen Holt-Browning's "Studies in Erosion"

I haven’t been back in more than twenty years, when I was just swimming out of adolescence, grasping at those shiny-sharp crags of adulthood. I didn’t need this dinky creek, this crumbly beach, this tired non-town. I was big-city, I was metaphor, I was the oldest story in the book. My father was alive.

From Issue 15: "Summer Solstice (Dogs of Light)" (Poetry)

One thing I find very successful in this poem is the interplay of quiet and passion in the imagery. It is both a calm meditation  a summer morning's routine and an exuberant hymn to the season.   Reading time: approximately three minutes.

From Issue 14: "Jezabel's Reformation," by Hannah van Didden

Our latest fiction excerpt is up. Read Issue 14's "Jezabel's Reformation,"from Hannah van Didden, here. Reading time: ~10 minutes.