From Issue 11: How We Love (Poetry)

I’m in the kitchen

watching my neighbor

build a fence for his wife.

They don’t trust

my German Shepherd, ...


From Issue 13: My Face That Was (Flash Fiction)

I look up, and there she is, and I look down. Down at the milk and slide it quick over the glass panel so the red eye blinks at me, blinks that she’s here for me. On purpose. Not by chance.

From Issue 13: mr sausage (Poetry)

i had other names for him besides hector.

a woman on the beach heard me call him bubbles once.

then mr sausage. she stopped to pat him, ‘so his name’s

bubbles?’ she asked. no i said. awkwardly. it’s hector. ...


From Issue 13: Lodestone (Flash Nonfiction)

I would later learn that the ship had only been here a month and change, that it was a recent addition to these bouldered shores I keep returning to, year in and year out, ...

From Issue 13: The Augury of Bats (Flash Fiction)

Sheri tells me there are bats in her closet. “They’re diving and circling around and diving again.” Sheri is four and, as far as I know, has never seen a bat.

From "The Augury of Bats," by Kiran Kaur Saini.

From Issue 12: Horned God (Flash Nonfiction)

A part of me must have believed that, because God made all things, God also made the dinosaurs. ...

From Issue 12: Cloisonné China (Poetry)

The pinch of light tucked

between crumbling walls of snow in Manchu,

before a blast of sunlight came to whiteout

their frozen shadows.. . . "

From Issue 12: Ursa Minor (Flash Fiction)

Lars Barker-Brown was species non-conforming, a state that had suited him well for some weeks. …